The INTP is meant to be a place where we can:

  • share fundamental research with a greater variety of profiles
    having a setting where academics, independents, other professionals and citizen scientists can contribute meaningfully to knowledge

  • work on projects that are a hard sell
    delving into gray areas between fields and between departments, irrespective of trends and money

  • reduce noise
    doing science with minimal means and minimal mean-seeking, publishing less and better, favoring integrity over persuasion

  • share in more and different ways
    not only our successes, but our partial results and honest failures, our tools, questions and ideas

  • push interdisciplinary science beyond the lowest common denominator
    with a strong emphasis on developing rigorous concepts and tools for science at the interfaces


One of the realizations that started this project was the following: in many branches of fundamental research, one is either a career scientist, or out of the game entirely.
Many former researchers and students fall in the second category. Especially in the natural sciences, there is little scope for research done part-time, alongside another activity, or as a vocational and free activity.

Another realization was that public scientific culture is overwhelmingly about knowing rather than about doing, about information rather than practice, when compared to artistic, musical, craft or technological culture.

We believe that these two weaknesses of the dominant model dramatically restrict how science is made, and deter true open and interdisciplinary research.

We wish to provide a space for different rapports to science, without sacrificing any of the depth and rigor that we have been trained to appreciate. We may even want to outperform some aspects of academia on these axes, by relieving ourselves of the pressure of grant-seeking, premature publication, excessive specialization, and other much-decried but rarely addressed ills of contemporary science.