Research consulting

-- Overview

Members of our team regularly take part as consultants in external research projects that leverage their experience with scientific interfaces and interdisciplinary problems. We provide our expertise for targeted participation of limited duration to achieve pre-specified goals. These may include:

※ Identifying conceptual and formal foundations for exploratory studies and problem solving.

※ Importing external tools (from mathematics, statistics, physics or computer science) and overcoming limitations of established approaches with more advanced methods.

※ Bridging technical or communication gaps between teams with different expertise or between corpora.

-- Past and ongoing projects

In particular, we have extensive experience in connecting:

※ Empirical patterns (statistical models) and underlying processes (models of causal mechanisms and temporal dynamics) -- work on trophic macroecology with UAB, Barcelona & Max Planck Institut, Leipzig.

※ Fundamental theories (low-detail, high-generality) and applied models (high-detail, high-specificity) -- joint proposal with Agrifood and Bioscience Institute, Belfast.

※ Qualitative, ontological approaches (from computer science, social science and policy) and quantitative, dynamical approaches (from physics and engineering) -- joint proposal with CIRAD, Montpellier.

Non-research activities

We also develop a range of other activities:

※ Organizing scientific residencies and retreats, summer schools, workshops, with a focus on exploratory epistemology and interfaces, see our center.

※ Spreading knowledge and creating pedagogical tools and materials.

※ Doing editorial work and taking part in healthy or experimental publishing practices (for traditional outputs such as articles, or more novel ones such as blogs, wikis, code sharing, etc).

※ Providing expertise and training outside of academia, on methods (statistics, algorithms, mathematical modelling) as well as on our core topics (ecology, physics, psychometrics).