If you find our initiative interesting, there are many ways you can contribute.

1) Spread the word

Don't hesitate to tell your friends, family, students, neighbors etc. about us. We have had visitors come based on third-hand echoes, and we might be six degrees of separation away from the average human.

2) Sponsor us

If you happen to have disposable income, there are a lot of urgent causes to fund and we are happy to provide a list. But if you insist on spending money, time or internet fame on us... first, thank you, and second, shoot us an email and we will figure it out.

3) Come and help

Instead of, or in addition to, visiting for science, you can also lend a hand.

Reach out to us via email or through these websites:

Workaway profile

HelpX profile

Our Helper Hall of Fame:

Marielle (Israel) 12/20 - 01/21
Myrthe & Marijn (Netherlands) 01/21
Nick (England) 01/21
Gemma (England) 01-02/21
Soledad (Argentina) 01-02/21
Ragnhild (Norway) 02/21
Marine (France) 02/21
Jan (Germany) 02/21
Estelle (France) 02/21
Timo (Netherlands) 03/21
Simon (Belgium) 03/21
Arnaud (Netherlands) 03/21
Pedro & Alexandra (France) 04/21
Remi & Lola (France) 07/21
Antoine (France) 9/21-4/22
Dinte (Netherlands) 10/21
Flo & Thomas (France) 10/21
Wiebke (Germany) 11/21
Lena (Germany) 01/22
Anita & Hippo (Slovakia & Belgium) 4/22