Azenor Bideault defended her PhD on the 30th of November. She was supervised by Dominique Gravel from the Integrative Ecology Lab of the University of Sherbrooke in Québec and Michel Loreau from the Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling of the CNRS Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station in Moulis, France.

In her thesis, she explores how species and their trophic interactions are affected by temperature at different 1) spatial scales from local to global, 2) timescales from ecological to evolutionary and 3) organizational levels from populations to communities. She uses theoretical and empirical approaches to tackle those questions.

Due to the COVID pandemic, she did her last two years of PhD remotely and stayed at the INTP, benefitting from its stimulating environment. She is now a doctor and an official member of the INTP, Congratulations !!