Fictively Asked Questions

Who are you?

Individually, a bunch of people invested in growing, handling and sharing knowledge.
As a group, something not entirely unlike a research institute, although one that is equally friendly to independent scholars as to tenured academics.

What is it that you do?

This whole page about our mission will explain it more eloquently.

Can I become a member?

First, you are very welcome to visit us as a non-member.

Second, we want the Institute to function more as a laboratory than a network providing vague benefits to a loose collection of members.

Therefore, our numbers must be restricted to people willing to invest time and effort into this project. If you want to be our colleague, you can contact us and explain your motivation.

What does your name mean?

We are the Institute for the Natural and Theoretical sciences in the Pyrenees. You could have guessed.

No, really, what is up with your name?

The Institut Natura e Teoria en Pirenèus gets its name from Occitan (lenga d'òc), the Romance language once widely and still sparsely spoken in our corner of the world. We also happened to like the initials INTP, for mysterious reasons.

What is independent scholarship?

Are there other organizations fostering independent scholarship?

A few significant ones include international networks Ronin Institute and IGDORE, and national networks NCIS (unrelated) and Campus Orleon.

Our purpose is different: we aim to be a physical and virtual laboratory, not an all-encompassing network. This requires working at a smaller scale, with a limited and more tightly-knit group of people.