Arnaud Sentis

I am not a theoretician nor an experimental biologist but I try to combine these two approaches to better understand the mechanisms and factors influencing species phenotypic traits, trophic interactions, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. My broad interests are to further understanding on the ecological and evolutionary impacts of global change at multiple biological scales.

Azenor Bideault

I am currently doing research on the effects of climate warming on terrestrial Arctic communities (plants and animals). More generally, I am interested in mechanisms leading to the emergence and maintenance of biodiversity, and effects of global change on diversity.

Guim Aguadé

Hi! I'm Guim, from Pujalt, a village of 17 people in the Catalan Pyrenees, very close to Surba if there were no big mountains in between. I'm a physicist studying complex adaptive systems, mostly working in the ecology and evolution of cancer and ecosystems, but also interested in neuroscience, consciousness and linguistics. I find in the INTP a space for freedom of thought and real interdisciplinary thinking, without the pressure for scientific productivity. This makes it a very unique and …

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Mathew Leibold

I’m fascinated by the complexity and emergent ‘beauty’ of nature. In my work, I’ve tried to merge concepts of ‘niche’, ‘food web’, ‘trophic ecosystems’, ‘eco-evolutionary feedbacks’, and ‘metacommunities’ to understand this beautiful complexity. To do that, I’ve explored ways to combine theory, quantitative statistics, and experiments, especially with freshwater plankton. More recently I’ve been working also with microbiomes (wow, they are really different!) and currently, I’m working to find ways to use such insights to maintaining and conserving this ‘complex …

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Matthieu Barbier

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I am a researcher in complex ecological networks, especially plant microbiomes and food webs, at the Plant Health Insitute Montpellier (CIRAD) in France.

My research employs the language of statistical mechanics to find simplicity in the apparent intricacy of ecosystems, and my long-term goal is to use this language to change the way that we think about and model biological function.

More generally, my interests are vague enough to appear interesting in a variety of social contexts. …

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Samuel Lévêque

Après quinze ans passés dans le monde de la direction des bibliothèques, j’ai changé de métier pour
m’occuper de relations publiques dans le domaine de l’écologie et de la médiation scientifique et
rejoint l’équipe de l’INTP.

Je possède une expertise en conduite de projets, médiation des conflits et CNV.
Je suis par ailleurs auteur, travaillant autour des questions du développement et de l’économie des
jeux vidéo et auteur de podcast. J’ai également assuré des formations et séminaires autour de
l’histoire …

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Yuval Zelnik

When not pondering what a better world would look like, or having some silly thoughts on creating a self-sufficient community on a floating island, I try my hand at doing some science.
My interests lies between some basic questions in physics and mathematical modeling, and looking at the complicated living world, which is full of many living beings, both large and small. Not so much humans though, we seem to have enough of us taking care of us.