It is not very unusual to say that as a scientist, I am fascinated by diverse aspects of nature. I enjoy spending my time trying to understand some of these aspects, putting together some pieces of a giant puzzle that people tackle from different perspectives.

I like to think of science as a life-scale hiking process, scientists dropping stones of variable sizes on hiking trail cairns, lightning a way to explore ; sometime crashing the whole structure above a critical threshold as Bak's sandpiles or simply kicking an existing cairn that had lead them back to the parking.

I would be satisfied in my scientific life following a path that would lead me somewhere nice, eventually dropping some stones on the journey.

To be a little more specific, I have a background in Oceanography and (theoretical) Ecology.
I studied the ecology and evolution of food webs, and their fragility to various perturbations.

Apart from science, I dedicate my time to the outdoors. In sport I like verticality, as I spent a few years doing freediving, experiencing some (more or less) nice feelings before to get (back) into climbing.
I like the aesthetic of movement that characterizes both of these sports, the pleasure that goes with this optimal gesture, and the mental challenges that accompany them.

I also enjoy gardening, and the process of trying to provide local food to relatives.