While the world holds its breath for mostly-unrelated reasons, the INTP has started to coalesce from the aether as a vehicle for truth, community, and their byproducts.

Our first yearly general assembly was held online, and we had the pleasure of inducting Kirsten Henderson as our first Research Associate. She will collaborate with the INTP on projects mixing fundamental science and local farming practices.

In other news, some amount of ground has been broken for the establishment of our physical campus in the Pyrenees, the Escòla in Surba, Ariège, and we are hoping for an official opening in Summer 2021, worldwide pandemic and construction delays permitting. A few pioneers are currently ekeing out a living on the premises, scraping through the mud for bare roots as their only source of nourishment, yet proud to slouch where few humans have walked before.

The Internet & Surba