Manon Jarry - La météo spatiale : des éruptions solaires aux aurores boréales


Le samedi 17 février à 18h30, nous avons le plaisir d'accueillir Manon Jarry, doctorante en astrophysique et présidente de l'asso UniverSCiel, qui nous parlera de

La météo spatiale : des éruptions solaires aux aurores boréales

Résumé : Le Soleil, cet astre majestueux qui semble calme et lointain, est en fait une véritable boule d’énergie en constante activité quand on s’en approche. Les éruptions solaires en sont une preuve et font partie des phénomènes les plus puissants de notre …

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LIDAR and forest structural complexity: an illustration by Violette Zgraja


Violette Zgraja (@la_froguita), soon to finish her studies in scientific illustration at the École Estienne (ESAIG), did in 2023 an internship co-supervised by Olivier Martin and Matthieu Barbier on the theme:

Forest structural complexity - an approach by terrestrial LIDAR

She designed a beautiful poster on this research topic led by Olivier:

(copyright Violette ZGRAJA 2023)

Call for residencies 2024


The Institut Natura e Teoria en Pirenèus is opening its 2024 series of scientific and/or artistic research residencies.

Please see more details on this page and apply through this online form.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Seminar “Let’s talk about AI extinction risk”


Maxime Fournes, researcher on AI risk, was a resident at INTP from November 8 to 21, 2023.

He gave a public seminar entitled “Let’s talk about AI extinction risk”, to present the catastrophic risks associated with extremely rapid progress in artificial intelligence, after which Maxime shared the following message:

"[H]ere are some great resources to learn more about AI risk.

* How fast is AI improving? A great interactive showcase of the rate of progress in AI research. It …

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Arctic ecology at Eurêkafé in Toulouse


Azenor Bideault will intervene at Eurêkafé in Toulouse to give a popular science presentation entitled Impacts of climate warming on bidoversity in the Arctic.

She will present her postdoctoral work at Université Laval (Québec) on food webs in the Canadian Arctic.

Dialogues with high school students (programme Déclics)

1/11 - 15/12/2023

For the second year running, members of the INTP have been out to meet students from high schools across the Occitanie region, as part of the Programme Déclics of Cercle FSER.

In this context, we talked to 450 high school students about scientific careers and the challenges of theoretical ecology.

2023 INTP Autumn School: Syntheses in Theoretical Community Ecology


The 2nd INTP Autumn School "Syntheses in Theoretical Community Ecology'' will take place from October 9 to 14, 2023 in Ariège, in the French Pyrenees. Its target is an interdisciplinary audience of researchers (including graduate, post-doctoral and early career) with strong prior experience in theoretical community ecology and modelling.

All details are available here: 2023 INTP Autumn School.

Radio Temps Rodez in residency


Second part of a cross-residency project between Radio Temps Rodez (RTR) and the INTP around Media and Information Literacy.

Were present : Alham, Azenor, Benjamin, Cécile, Luana, Matthieu, Noa, Samuel, Virginie and Iniès.

The themes discussed included an immersion in research practices and interviews on research jobs and the problems of production and criticism of scientific information.

Antoine Sugita returns


This week we are receiving at INTP, the young and talented artist Antoine Sugita ! Antoine spent 6 months at INTP last year to compose and came back to visit us again and film music videos. Find out more:

INTP in residence with Radio Temps Rodez


First part of a cross-residency project between Radio Temps Rodez (RTR) and the INTP, financed by the DRAC Occitanie, on the topic of Education to Media and Information.

Were present : Alham, Azenor, Benjamin, Cécile, Cyrille, Matthieu, Noa, Samuel, Virginie and Iniès.

The members of the INTP were able to learn about radio practices, the design of formats for the transmission of scientific information, and how to conduct interviews. The joint work led to the realization of a broadcast that …

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