Radio Temps Rodez in residency


Second part of a cross-residency project between Radio Temps Rodez (RTR) and the INTP around Media and Information Literacy.

Were present : Alham, Azenor, Benjamin, Cécile, Luana, Matthieu, Noa, Samuel, Virginie and Iniès.

The themes discussed included an immersion in research practices and interviews on research jobs and the problems of production and criticism of scientific information.

Antoine Sugita returns


This week we are receiving at INTP, the young and talented artist Antoine Sugita ! Antoine spent 6 months at INTP last year to compose and came back to visit us again and film music videos. Find out more:

INTP in residence with Radio Temps Rodez


First part of a cross-residency project between Radio Temps Rodez (RTR) and the INTP, financed by the DRAC Occitanie, on the topic of Education to Media and Information.

Were present : Alham, Azenor, Benjamin, Cécile, Cyrille, Matthieu, Noa, Samuel, Virginie and Iniès.

The members of the INTP were able to learn about radio practices, the design of formats for the transmission of scientific information, and how to conduct interviews. The joint work led to the realization of a broadcast that …

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Visit of Alessandro Pignocchi


We are pleased to welcome Alessandro Pignocchi at the INTP in February.

Alessandro Pignocchi, a former researcher in cognitive science and philosophy, is the author of several graphic novels inspired by the work of Philippe Descola (Anent, Nouvelles des Indiens Jivaros, Petit traité d'écologie sauvage). His latest book, written in collaboration with Descola, is entitled Ethnographie des mondes à venir.

On the occasion of this visit, we are organizing a conference-discussion at the INTP on Saturday, February 18 at 5:00 …

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21st Petit Poucet Contest


Great news! We are very happy to announce that INTP is the winner of the 21st edition of the Petit Poucet Contest in the category "Guardians", in the service of ecology!

A big thank you to them!!

Conference at Eurêkafé in Toulouse


Matthieu Barbier will intervene at Eurêkafé in Toulouse to give a popular science presentation entitled Understanding biodiversity: the role of competition, mutualism and chance.

This will be the first of an upcoming series of talks about links between the ways we think about biology and the ways we think about society.

It will popularize for a wide audience the concepts developped during the INTP Autumn School in theoretical community ecology (first edition in 2022).

INTP General Assembly 2022 and change of administration


The members gathered in the physical world and online for the general assembly on Nov 4. Our demographics evolved: Azenor Bideault and Benjamin Girardot are now permanent members, while Guim Aguadé is a new temporary member, and Olivier Martin and Madoka Krick are new associates.

We also voted a change of administration, with a new bureau composition:

President: Azenor Bideault
Treasurer: Matthieu Barbier
Secretary: Arnaud Sentis

Finally, we updated our Mission statements, including a summary of our goals and …

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2022 INTP Autumn School: Syntheses in Theoretical Community Ecology


The 1st INTP Autumn School “Syntheses in Theoretical Community Ecology” took place from October 3 to 8, 2022 in Ariège, in the French Pyrenees. Its target was an interdisciplinary audience of graduate and post-doctoral students with prior experience in community ecology and modelling.

All details are available here: 2022 INTP Autumn School.

MSH-T-Projet Glomec-webinar "science facing environmental and sanitary crisis"


On may 10, the INTP was invited to attend the MSH-T-Projet Glomec-webinar in Toulouse. The professor Dirk Schmeller from Toulouse University has prestented the results of the Glomec project and discussed the impact of the loss of biodiversity on human health, with the example of the French Pyrénées.

Atecopol books event


INTP members were present at the meeting with the Atecopol (Atelier d'Ecologie Politique) about the release of their first two books, Greenwashing and Débrancher la 5G. A very interesting discussion around political ecology issues at the Librairie Floury in Toulouse !